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Shabtay Grotas Law Office and Mediation Center
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The office offers a full range of quality legal services, including a reliable and professional representation for all of our clients’ needs.
Our professional personnel provide legal counseling, court appearances, negotiation management and writing contracts.
* Family * Criminal (law) * Military law (Uniform Code of Military) * Civil Commercial law * Damages * Mediation
Law Office Occupation Fields
Family Law
Divorce, partnered ex-wife alimony and child support, child custody, joint custody, visitation arrangements, marital harmony, Prenuptial Agreements, common law couples, civil marriage, annulling marriage, application to the court of protection custodial for body and, wills and inheritance, submit objection to wills and inheritance, management of inheritance. Family violence – restraining orders, restraining order against a person leaving the country (prohibited steps order), arrest and release order, requests for enforced order to come to court. Division of property – receivership, request for dispute settling, application for property and financial adjustment order (the clean break provision), and exchange without compensation - gift. Child adoption, adoption appeal committees, objection to adoption, and child abduction according to the Hague Convention.
Criminal Law
Arrests, counseling on investigation proceedings, preventing conviction, erasure of criminal record, records closure, pardons, annulment of conviction, drugs (military) criminal investigation division (CID) appeals, traffic laws, planning and construction offenses.
Military Law (Uniform Code of Military)
Defections, shirkers, overseas shirkers, illegal use of weapon, sexual harassment, and traffic law.
Civil Commercial Law
Preparing contracts, negotiating real estate deals, rent contracts, eviction proceedings, application for property and financial adjustment order (the clean break provision), exchange without compensation – gift, receivership, establish companies and provide related services, willful disassembly, release proceeding.
Damages Law
Lawsuits against Israel's National Insurance Institute, medical negligence, general disability, work accidents, allowances, professional illnesses, guaranteed minimal income, road accidents compensation, and legal counseling.
Lawsuits against the IDF and Ministry of Defense – representation of people, who became disabled, suffered of illnesses and injuries during their military service; then taking measures to implement the relevant decisions with the compensation officer.
Property arrangements, custody arrangement (parental responsibility application), education and visitation arrangements, joint custody, equal parenting, natural guardianship, and custodial parent. Business mediation, including all the types of disputes and disagreements that can be submitted to court; request to freeze proceedings, in order to utilize the mediation process to the fullest.
Shabtay Grotas Law Office and Mediation – General Information
The office deals with a wide variety of legal topics, including family, criminal, civil commercial and damages fields. Shabtay Grotas (Adv.) appears in all courts, including the military courts.
Professional Training
•             L.L.M. law.  
•              L.L.B. law.
•               M.A. research of psychological aspects, Haifa University.
•              B.A. government and public policy.
•              B.E.d Wingate Institute
•                Served as an ex-party judge in a wide range of trials.
•              Served as a researcher in a project of Ministry of Justice.
•                Criminology lecturer.
•              Officer in the Military Attorney in reserve duty.
•                Experienced prosecutor and defense attorney who is involved in hundreds of cases.
•               Court-appointed to appear before military courts.
•              Volunteer on the program "shar mitzvah" (pro bono program) in the Israeli Bar Association.
Additional Professional Training
•              Licensed as lawyer by Israel Bar Association.
•              Member of the bar association.
•               Registered as mediator in the Administration of Courts.
•             Certified mediator by the Israel Center for Negotiation and Mediation in the family (ICNM) by the Bar Association.
Professional Approach
The professional personnel working in the office share the various aspects of the case with the clients. The customers are a party in determining the treatment policy of their case, including explanation of the implications of each mode of action chosen. The office provides creative and diversified solutions while providing a personal, thorough and swift treatment to each client with the intention of a quick and quality conclusion of every case.
The best of customers' interest is our office top priority. Our door is wide open for each client, so that he/she is offered cooperation and attentiveness.
Case Management – Fee for Service
The fee is collected as a predetermined sum or in percentage, according to the type of the case. Our office provides legal services for reasonable and appropriate fees, convenient terms of payment and an option for payment installment agreement.
A Personal Note
Shabtay Grotas Law Office and Mediation works with private and business customers nationwide. It offers highly professional skills and comprehensive perspective both in representation in different courts and in working with the relevant government bodies, such as the Office of the Attorney General to reach plea bargains.
The client highly benefits from Shabtay Grotas comprehensive professional training, including his vast experience as an ex-party judge, a prosecutor and as a defense attorney.

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